ErlangCamp Program Schedule

Friday October 11th

0900Setup & Getting Started
1000Erlang Essentials 1
1315Erlang Essentials Pt 2
1415Introducing OTP
1615Intermediate OTP
1715Events & Logs
1815Closing Remarks
1900VIP Dinner (site)

Saturday - October 12th

0930Meet and Greet (Socialization Time)
1000Distributing Erlang Systems
1630Releases and Deployment
1815Closing Remarks
2000Party all night

Who Should Come?

We target the ErlangCamp at beginners and intermediate Erlang programmers. For the beginners you don't need previous Erlang knowledge but you must know how to program - ErlangCamp is hands on. We will walk through fundamentals to get beginners up to speed and to give intermediate Erlangers a new look at the basics. We then walk everyone into OTP and other topics in an easy to understand manner that will get you writing production grade Erlang.

You will work hard and learn a lot! - Martin, Eric, Jordan and Ram


I came all the way from Switzerland to be part of the Chicago Erlang Camp and the knowledge gain was worth every mile above the clouds. Interesting people, good talks, excellent food & more.

Stefan Ochsenbein

I came to the ErlangCamp in Chicago on 2010. The lessons learned stuck until today. It was an amazingly informative session and the professional opinions of battle proven people are invaluable. It was worth the trip and I would do it again, in a heartbeat.

Kai Janson